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What is PROFLEX Roofing System?

  • Proflex Roofing System”, the self-supporting technology for Galvanized steel roofing & industrial roofing, is a name adding value to the Indian Building & Construction Industry. This innovation is an American expertise proven & applied in over 60 countries since last 35 years, and pioneered in India by Proflex, since the year 2002.

What are the salient features/ advantages?

  • Self supported structure without trusses, purlins or ancillary support, with unobstructed clear spans from 6 metres to 35 metres.
  • Provides larger enclosed volumes, free movement & effective handling of goods and higher flexibility in space utilization.
  • Structure uses mechanical sealing and free from holes, nuts, bolts, overlaps or sealants, ensures zero maintenance and also resistance to extreme weather conditions.
  • 100% leak-proof roofs.
  • No bird nuisance and hence provides cleaner and more hygienic buildings.
  • Innovative on-site panel forming ensures an incredible installation speed, flexibility and enhanced efficiency with superior workmanship and faster project turnaround.

When was self-supported steel roofing introduced in India?

  • Proflex introduced self-supported steel roofing in India in the year 2002.

How many projects has PROFLEX executed so far since its introduction in India?

  • By expanding its reach to more than 21 states & 5 Union territories of India, PROFLEX has a sprawling project base of over 3000 projects/ over 50 million sq. ft, across different market segments in the country and has truly revolutionized the roofing landscape of the country.

What are the current installed capacities of PROFLEX per annum?

  • PROFLEX has multiple sets of equipments and current installed capacities are to the tune of 15 million sq.ft of roofing per year.

Where was self-supported steel roofing technology invented?

  • The self supported steel roofing technology was first invented in USA some 35 years back and subsequently Proflex introduced this in India in the year 2002.

Why one should consider self-supported roofing to be made only with the original technology for their roofing needs?

  • The quality of the machine and its tooling plays a major role in producing right quality of roofing panels. As these roofing panels are self supported and they act as a structure, the stability and life of the roof will depend on the quality of the panels made and used in self supported roofing.

Why one should choose Proflex Roofing Solutions roofing for their roofing needs?

  • PROFLEX has been offering value proposition to all its customers for years and has a strong back ground and history of delivering its promise. It is part of the M&B Group, which is in the construction/ infrastructure industry since the last 6 decades. It has the original technology/ knowhow.
  • Proflex Roofing Solutions enjoys more than 80% market-share in this segment and serves customers with its well trained and experienced teams across the country.
  • Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Proflex Roofing Solutions has got its offices in 12 locations across the country.

What care one should take while looking for self-supported roofing systems?

  • While deciding for self-supported roofing, it is highly advisable that one verifies the background, history, experience & expertise of the company, technology authenticity, installation base, operational capabilities, design support & stability certificates, references & customer testimonials.

What is the raw material used?

  • High quality, Structural grade, pre-coated Galvalume steel of the required width and thickness is used as a raw material for PROFLEX roofing.

What is the design basis for self supported roofing?

  • PROFLEX Roofing System is designed to suit many different Building Codes from all around the world. To carry out a calculative analysis of Proflex Roofing Solutions, a special Design & Engineering software is used.

What are the inputs given to client from PROFLEX?

  • The design analysis is carried out by PROFLEX for the given span & center arch-rise, considering the required live load, wind load and dead loads. The analysis determines the thickness of steel and the arch reactions at the beam-level. This arch-reactions data is then incorporated by the clients structural consultant/ engineer in the design of building foundations, columns & beams.

How is this roofing system installed?

  • These roofing panels are formed from superior quality, structural grade steel using state-of-the-art American make panel forming and handling equipments. These set of equipments are transported to job-sites located in different kinds of terrains, enabling panel forming & installation instantaneously.
  • This nature of the process allows high-speed operations, bringing substantial benefits where time is a crucial factor. Precisely, the advantages of this new-age technology are many and favourable.

What are the applications, where this type of roofing is suitable?

  • This roofing is a replacement of conventional roofing and it can be used in most applications, like Logistics & Warehousing, Manufacturing Industry, Plastics & Packaging, Food & Pharmaceutical, Engineering Industry, Textiles, Sports halls, Rice mills, Electrical & Electronics, Educational Institutions & Engineering colleges, Aircraft Hangers, Defence Structures, Community halls, Agricultural requirements, Special Economic Zones, and many more.

What are the different type of buildings where this roofing technology can be used?

  • Full arch, half-arch, differential heights, ground-to-ground, elevated structures upto 25 mtrs height. Perpendicular buildings, 4-side open sheds, varying arch-rises for north lights, etc,.

What are the accessories that can be provided alongwith the roofing?

  • Roof-top wind driven turbo-ventilators.
  • Skylights of Polycarbonate material, in different sizes.
  • Hangers for lighting requirements, false ceilings, and other loads can also be provided.

What additional loads can be supported from the roof?

  • The maximum load that can be hung would vary and depend on the location at the roof and its end application and some other factors. This needs to be informed before material selection so this criterion can be taken into design consideration.

What is the expected life of this roofing system?

  • Internationally, such roofs are in existence for the last 35 years, and we can estimate the life for such roofs to be around 40-50 years.

Can this roofing be repaired/ rectified/ replaced?

  • Yes, this is possible, and will be supported and done by Proflex, in case of any eventualities.

What post-installation maintenance is required?

  • Normally there is no maintenance required except for periodic/ yearly washing/ cleaning as part of the preventive maintenance, so that it prevents dust or foreign particulars that may have accumulated during the period of time. Secondly, it should be ensured that the side gutters and the valley gutters are cleaned regularly to prevent them from clogging and thereby avoid any water leakage/ from over-flowing of waters into the building.

Does Proflex have any dealers/ agents/ franchisees in India?

  • PROFLEX does not have any dealers or agents in India. We operate through our own offices and representatives in various parts of India. Only PROFLEX possesses the original knowhow (American technology and necessary equipments) for self-supported roofing system in India.

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