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It is a Self-supported structure without trusses, purlins or ancillary support, with unobstructed clear spans 9 metres to 35 metres.

It provides larger enclosed volumes, free movement & effective handling of goods and higher flexibility in space utilization.

Roofing panels are mechanically seamed (inter-locked) and they are free from holes, nuts, bolts, overlaps or sealants, ensures zero maintenance and also resistance to extreme weather conditions.

This unique mechanical seaming of panels ensures 100% leak-proof roofs.

No bird nuisance and hence provides cleaner and more hygienic buildings.

This innovative technology facilitates on-site panel forming and installation, giving incredible installation speed of around 2000 sq. mtrs in 12 hrs. Flexibility and enhanced efficiency with superior workmanship ensures faster project turnaround.

Distinguishing arch shape and flexibility of colours result in strong aesthetic appeal.

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The self-supported roofing system  this technology is based on the arch-principle. Proflex Roofing System is designed to suit many different Building Codes from all around the world. To carry out a calculative analysis of Proflex Roofing Solutions, a special Design & Engineering process and software is used.

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With the use of this exclusive Design & Engineering Software, a considerable amount of time and expense is saved in designing and selecting the most economical arch structure configuration


Being a Leader in Arched Roof Solutions, Proflex Roofing Solutions is THE ONLY ORGANIZATION in INDIA, that offers complete solutions to clients, i.e., including original technology, structural load reactions data, conceptual drawings, project management support, etc.

We have a fleet of state-of-the-art Mobile Panel forming equipments (technology and equipments from USA), to cater the needs of Indian Arched Roofing Market needs. All equipments are equipped with their own sets of mobile equipments, horses to pull it in any and every corner of India and a mobile crane is also part of the fleet for installation purpose. All the Horses are equipped with truck-mounted cranes for handling coils for loading and unloading. Each of the Proflexs equipment team is self sufficient to cater to handling, panel forming and installation needs, as all equipments are equipped with necessary tools and tackles to do the roofing job. The quality of tooling has a large bearing on quality of the roof installed. Each equipment team is headed by a Qualified Engineer, set of Supervisors, Crane operators and necessary work force for panel forming and Erection of Panels and can move all over the assigned region as a MOBILE TEAM.

A complete preventive maintenance schedule is strictly practiced to ensure minimum downtime. We have our own Maintenance Work Shop and Technical staff to cater any and every Maintenance need of their fleet of machinery. Proflex Roofing Solutions have a well equipped maintenance shop located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Proflex Roofing Solutions maintains a good amount of critical and fast moving spare parts to cater and maintain their equipments in good working condition.

Inventory and Warehouse

Proflex Roofing Solutions have their own Inventory and warehouse of around 50,000 sq. ft. to store coil sheets of various thicknesses to cater to the market demand.


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Proflex Roofing Solutions Technology uses high quality, high grade, pre-coated Galvalume Steel as the basic Raw material. The panel forming and installation is a 100% on-site process. The Mobile panel forming Units( roll-forming/ panel fabrication equipment ) along with crane , seaming and other equipments are transported to project sites with required manpower, enabling panel forming & installation instantaneously. This nature of the process allows high-speed operations, bringing substantial benefits where time is a crucial factor. Precisely, the advantages of this new-age technology are many and favorable.

The raw-material, i.e., steel coils of the designed width, is fed into the Mobile panel forming Units. This Mobile panel forming Unit equipment forms profiled panels having the desired finished width, length and curvature, in two stages. The installation shall start from one end of the building, and moving along the length of the building, the process shall be completed. These panels are fixed to RCC gutter beam with Anchor bolts or with Nut Bolts in case of Steel Beams at both ends.

The roofing panels are installed over concrete/ steel gutter-beams (constructed by the client). The conceptual dimensional drawing of the required gutter-beams will be available to the customer from PROFLEX. The RCC/ steel sub-structure has to be designed considering the arch reaction data & load combinations given by Proflex Roofing Solutions. It shall be within the purview of the Consulting Engineer to ensure the structure is designed to cater to the adverse load conditions.

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